Beauty. Class .Quality

Whether you are creating an opulent outdoor experience or a laid back exotic atmosphere; Orient Sino is a fully-qualified industrial

companydedicated to creating outdoor furniture of exceptional quality.


As an integral part of OSMEN Design Furniture, Orient Sino offices a unique design philosophy for wonderfully diverse settings ranging

from cafes and camps, to pavilions and patios. Excellence in Outdoor Furnishings


Since our establishment, Orient Sino has steadily grown into a market leader recognized for our exceptional quality, innovation and certifications and

customer service – worldwide.


The outstanding reputation of Orient Sino in the outdoor furniture maker has been recognized with certifications and

awards in both Europe and China – making Orient Sino a word – class company! This includes:


>The AAAAA credit rating from the China Shipper is Association

>The SGS Chain of Custody Certification

>CNAB and IAF approval for our Environmental & Quality Management Systems


The experience and dedication of our team has also allowed Orient Sino to excel in the areas of:

Innovation - our inspiration and drive has led Orient Sino to keep developing products such as patened One-Touch Quick-up Balance Umbrella and 

unique furniture designs.


Service – by designing products that meet the needs and desires of our customers, Orient Sino has been recognized by the china shippers

Association. since 2004, our efforts were rewarded with “The Advanced Foreign Trade Enterprises of China” and “The Advanced

Foreign Trade Enterprises with Special Awards of China”.


Our recognition in China and Europe not only puts Orient Sino at the forefront of the outdoor furniture industry ; it allows our customers to

enjoy the fineness in design and craftsmanship!

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